PulseOn Cloud: Jewel for gym, discreet for street

Beautifully polished stainless steel details with elegant white wristband.

PulseOn Coal: As bold as your power workouts

All black detailing. Ion plated stainless steel details and bold black wristband

PulseOn Application

Meaningful, actionable insights into your training with PulseOn Application

PulseOn B2B Partnership

Partnership with PulseOn enables manufacturers to build world-leading optical heart rate devices with minimal R&D effort, including algorithms, optimized power management and software integration. PulseOn offers various levels of customization in terms of mechanical, electrical and software design to best suit your needs.

We <3 heart rate

PulseOn deep analyses your heart rate into meaningful insights into your active lifestyle.

Learn why you should quit counting steps and start loving your heart rate, why your heart rate is the key metric to your personal Fitness Level.