PulseOn Cloud: Jewel for gym, discreet for street

Beautifully polished stainless steel details with elegant white wristband.

Lose the strap, Keep the accuracy, Gain the insight

Feel the freedom from chest straps, keep motivated with meaningful training insights.

Introducing PulseOn Features

Update your PulseOn mobile app & device software to enjoy new features

PulseOn Coal: As bold as your power workouts

All black detailing. Ion plated stainless steel details and bold black wristband

PulseOn Application

Meaningful, actionable insights into your training with PulseOn Application

Accessory Straps

Personalize your PulseOn device with accessory straps

PulseOn wrist device

HR Measurement
Training Intensity
Training Effect
Calories Burned
Elapsed Time
Distance(with phone GPS)

PulseOn Application

Training Effect
Fitness Level
Recovery Time
Coaching to next fitness level
Calories Burned
Training history and summaries on:
  • Events
  • Week level
  • Month level

We <3 heart rate

PulseOn deep analyses your heart rate into meaningful insights into your active lifestyle. We love to share stories and tips about training with PulseOn.

Get tips on how to use PulseOn and learn how PulseOn is different from other fitness products on the market. Why should you quit counting steps, and start loving your heart rate? Why your heart rate is the key metric to your personal Fitness Level? Read and share PulseOn ambassadors' blogs about the meaningfulness of an active lifestyle.

PulseOn Technology

PulseOn’s patented optical sensor detecting and measuring heart rate is excelling among optical sensors developed for continuous, accurate and reliable heart rate. Our state-of-the-art intelligent algorithms are rejecting the disturbances of movements resulting in accurate heart rate data, optimized for a variety of activities.

Designed to look & feel different

Minimalistic, comfortable to wear and easy to use. A device that is wearable even outside workout sessions.

Training Effect

The most important question after any exercise is: what effect did this exercise have on my fitness?